Fear & Anxiety (1992)

Transi (1994)

Goddess of Darkness (Japanese cover) (1996)

Goddess of Darkness (1996)

Six Singular Impressions (1997)

The Book of the Dead (1998)

The Book of the Dead (Japanese cover)

Gerard/Ars Nova-Keyboards Triangle (1999)

Gerard/Ars Nova-Keyboards Triangle (alternate cover)

Android Domina (2001)

Android Domina (alt cover)

Android Domina (alt cover)

Lacrimaria (2001)

Across the World (2002)

Biogenesis Project (2003)

Biogenesis Project (alt cover)

Chrysalis / Force for the Fourth (2006)

Seventh Hell (2009)

Seventh Hell (alt cover)

Cocdrie (live boot)