Sjef Oellers 24-Feb-2001 Zoicekardi'a

On Zoicekardi'a Aria Palea sound like the modern day continuation of bands like Jethro Tull or Dalton with an emphasis on guitar/flute interplay. There are some experimental touches as well, but they are not yet that well conceived. It's pleasant listening, but lacking in originality and maturity.

Sjef Oellers 24-March-2001 Danze D'Ansie

Interesting band with great flute soloing. Their sound reminds me of Jethro Tull, Dalton, Finisterre, Mary Newsletter, and maybe a bit of Delirium as well due to the folky atmosphere on some tracks. Some of the tracks and the vocals are more jazzy, reminding me of a lighter version of Area.

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