Mike McLatchey 26-April-2001 Tussilago Fanfara

Anna Sjalv Tredje were a Swedish electronic duo who released their only album, Tussilago Fanfara on Silence in 1977. The duo obviously got their main inspiration from mid-70s Klaus Schulze, from the sequences, organ and slow drones of Timewind to the cosmic fragility of the concurrently released Mirage. Of course, the addition of guitar can't help but draw this closer to the mellower moments of late 70's Ashra, although it's mostly an embellishment when present. The frequent use of organ throughout also points towards Terry Riley and Peter Michael Hamel, and the presence acts to contrast the sequences which, compared to Schulze and Gottsching, seem fairly understated. While this album does not hold up to Schulze's music from the same year, nor did this duo continue to evolve beyond such strong influences, it certainly is one that fans of European/Berlin-school electronics should check out. After all, how many Swedish Schulze imitators are out there?

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