Mike McLatchey 27-April-2001 Clockwork Revenge

The latest news has this one-shot group coming from New Zealand, who, however, recorded their album Clockwork Revenge in Australia, the country they were commonly thought to hail from. A symphonic progressive, Airlord were truly on the eccentric side as if the band took in Zappa along with Genesis and Yes. While the overall style is definitely Anglo-progressive through a basically transparent "down under" filter, for example, Sebastian Hardie or Ragnarok, Airlord experimented widely. They took a step forward from the storytelling drama of Selling England Genesis with lots of harmony vocals, dramatic dynamic extremes and heavily effected guitars and synths. The music, therefore, is both strangely familiar, yet undeniably inventive, a good blend of instrumental and vocal segments that are densely layered, hinting at the many listens one will need to uncover the wonders of the music. So, overall, Airlord often transcends mere symphonic rock, mixing in moments of accessibility and difficulty. The seven tracks here are wonderfully crafted and surprisingly impressive, multi-levelled compositions.

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