Sjef Oellers 20-Jan-2001 Humanum Est

Aera is a German band who released about six albums from the mid-70s on. I only know Humanum Est, which is their first, completely instrumental album. Out of the six tracks on Humanum Est, there are four long tracks of progressive fusion with a few, undetermined ethnic elements. Their music sounds somewhat like a cross between Nucleus, Embryo, and Dzyan (although not as good as those bands). There is a lot of great spacey guitar playing with occasionally flute or saxophone taking lead parts. The last two, shorter tracks are more lightweight affairs with acoustic guitar and flute about equally up-front. Both tracks remind me vaguely of Leo Kottke. Overall I found Humanum Est an interesting album in a fairly original rock fusion style. And while not an essential album from the Krautrock scene, it was enjoyable enough to make me curious about the albums that followed after "Humanum Est."

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