Sjef Oellers 20-Jan-2001 Reflections!

This album is a bit hard to discuss as for the CD release the original masters could not be found. What you will find on the Reflections! CD are the earlier, longer versions of the original LP plus some different mixes from the LP versions. I am not sure whether all tracks on the CD made it to the original LP, especially because there is a decline in the quality of the songs towards the end of the CD. 2066 and Then's is definitely in a heavy progressive style often close to Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly. Heavy guitar/organ interplay is featured extensively. In addition there is great flute playing (far too little for my taste). Sometimes they dive into complex heavy progressive with symphonic elements, where they even remind me of Banco del Muttuo Soccorso, L'Uovo di Colombo or Jumbo. For example, "The Butterking" is heavy, symphonic flavoured art-rock somewhat similar to the Italian scene of the time. The following three tracks (all ten minutes plus) concentrate on heavy guitar/organ jamming. All three tracks are good with some great, inspired passages, but as a whole they seem not be worked out as well as the earlier tracks. (These are probably the longer and un-edited, earlier versions). The last two tracks are rather short and harmless, but definitely less engaging. The first one "I Wanna Stay" sounds like a Deep Purple outtake, the second "Time Can't Take It Away" is a bit softer, closer to Brian Auger, Samurai or Tonton Macoute with some female backing vocals. Consider the last two tracks as bonus tracks and you have an excellent album of organ-drenched heavy progressive. Especially the first three tracks are outstanding.

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