Show Date: April 27, 1999
Show #5
Sweden - part 5

# Artist Song (click to play) Album Year CD label
1 Sinkadus Positivhalaren Cirkus 1999 Cyclops
This is Sinkadus' 2nd studio release. They are influenced by Anglagard, though not quite as intricate.
2 Ensemble Nimbus Skrapan Key Figures 1994 Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
Sometimes, this group almost sounds like Klezmer Prog. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, are joined by 2 clarinets and violin. This song shows a strong Crimson influence, and perhaps Samlas.
3 Pär Lindh & Björn Johansson The Battle of the Five Armies Bilbo 1996 Crimsonic
Keyboard heavy Pär Lindh joined by multi-instrumentalist Björn Johansson in this concept album based on Tolkien's The Hobbit. I highly recommend Pär's latest cd _Mundus Incompertus_ for those interested in ELP-ish heavy keyboard prog.
4 In the Labyrinth Trans Turkish Express The Gardern of Mysteries 1996 Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
This is a fine modern psychadelic release. Lots of sitars, flutes and harmonic minor scales.
5 Anekdoten Rubankh Nucleus 1995 Virta
Anekdoten's second studio album. Other than that, they only have a double live CD.
6 Landberk The Tree Lonely Land 1992 Laser's Edge
This is the English version of Landberk's first album. It is very laid-back.