Show Date: April 23, 1999
Show #4
Sweden part 4

# Artist Song (click to play) Album Year CD label
1 Anekdoten The Flow Vemod 1993 Virta
Very hard prog. King Crimson inspired. Seemingly one of the most popular of all of the 90's prog bands.
2 Simon Says Under the Seal Ceinwen 1995 Bishop Garden Records
Great bass sound that reminds me of Trettioariga Kriget's bass player. Very nice fluid guitar playing. The vocalist reminds me of Peter Nichols of IQ. I think the music is also somewhat comparable to IQ.
3 Isildur's Bane The Pilot Mind Volume 1 1997 Svenska Unikum
Like Isildur Bane's other releases, this is kind of a jazzy symphonic prog. This album is sometimes reminiscent of Frank Zappa's compositions, especially Sleep Dirt, Studio Tan, et al, though not particularly on this song.
4 Garmarna Varulven / Werewolf God's Musicians 1996 Omnium
This is not overtly prog, but, I think it may be of interest to many prog fans. The best aspect of this group, for me, is Emma Hardelin's voice. This is their 3rd release. The first in an EP. They just released a new album this month, but, I have not heard it, yet.
5 Zamla Mammaz Manna Ventilation Calculation FamilyCracks 1980 Silence Records
Very complex and interesting stuff. I am liking Samla/Zamla more and more everytime that I listen. One of the original RIO bands.
6 Morte Macabre Apoteosi del Mistero Symphonic Holocaust 1998 Mellotronen
A new collaboration between members of Anekdoten and Landberk. Dark music loaded with Mellotrons.