Show Date: Friday, April 16, 1999
Show #2
Sweden part 2 - The 70's and early 80's

# Artist Song (click to play) Album Year CD label
1 Kultivator Barndomens Stigar Barndomens Stigar 1981 Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
Kultivator's primary influence sounds to be National Health. The bass player plays in a style similar to Janick Top giving the music a slight Magma flair. This is apparently Kultivator's only release.
2 Samla Mammas Manna Way Down a Rabbit Hole Klossa knapitatet 1974 Silence Records
This is their 3rd release. When I first got this a couple of months ago, I did not like it. But, now I am not sure what I was thinking, because after playing it this week, I love it!
3 Kaipa Skogspromenad Kaipa 1975 Musea
This is Kaipa's first of 3 releases. Although not represented on this song, Kaipa does have vocals.
4 Bjorn J:son Lindh El Henna Cous Cous 1972 WEA
Bjorn has a gazillion solo albums, collaborations and guest appearances that I will not even try to quantify where this one fits in, except to say that this one does seem to be pretty early in his career. You would not guess that, though, based on the well-crafted songs on this album. Jan Schaffer and Kenny Hakansson both play guitar on this album. This is a very nice album.
5 Trettioariga Kriget Kaledoniska Orogenesen Trettioariga Kriget 1974 (bootleg?)
This is TK's first album. Their first 2 albums are the Hybris and Epilog of the 70's. This is some of the best guitar driven prog that I can think of. It is hard-rock that is 100% prog. The bass playing is remarkable as well.
6 Kenny Hakansson Pellikvalsen - efter Lejsme Per Springlekar och Ganglatar 1978 Silence Records
Kenny, a founding member of Kebnekajse, on his solo albums, plays folk-music with overdubbed electric guitars. The tone of the guitar, is not unlike Mike Oldfield's fuzz guitar sound.
7 Atlas Bla Vardag Bla Vardag 1979 Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
Atlas is all instrumental. They appear to have only 2 releases, the other being _Mosaik_ which has not been released on CD.