Artist Song Title Album Show
4 Levels of Existence Metamorphosis (?) 4 Levels of Existence greece3
A Triggering Myth Il Voce Between Cages usa90s2
AG Flek Rehradice - moravska lidova Tramtarie 2000_9
Abdera Through the Years Recollection Demo 2000_6
Abiogenesi Ile St. Louis Abiogenesi italy16
Abissi Infiniti Tunnel Tunnel italy7
Acidente Part One Gloomland brazil6
Acintya Adyane La Cite Des Dieux Qublies france8
Ad Infinitum Immortality Ad Infinitum usa90s1
Aether Kings & Knights Visions 1999_9
After Crying (Panem et Circenses) - Fun fair land open After Crying 6 hungary3
After Crying Hommage a Frank Zappa Live - Struggle for Life 1999_13
After Crying Manok Tanca De Profundis hungary4
After Crying Manticore Föld és ég hungary1
After Dinner Glass Tube After Dinner japan4
After Forever Leaden Legacy Prison of Desire 2000_4
After the Fall Escaping Gravity In a Safe Place progday1
After the Fall Moonus Starus In a Safe Place progday3
Agitation Free In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise Second germany70s15
Agitation Free You Play For Us Today Malesch germany70s11
Agnus XXI Century Pinturas y Espresiones argentina1
Ain Soph Natural Selection A Story of Mysterious Forest japan2
Ain Soph The Swan Lake Hat and Fields japan8
Ain Soph The Swan Lake Quicksand - Special Live - volume 3 japan4
Aka Moon Spiritualisation (K'ien) Invisible Sun 2000_10
Akasha Death Hymn Akasha norway2
Akritas Invader, Genesis + (?) Akritas greece2
Alambic 7 Numero Deux france12
Alas La Muerte Conto El Dinero Alas argentina3
Albergo InterGalattico Spaziale Hymalaya Albergo InterGalattico Spaziale italy12
Alcatraz Simple Headphone Man (excerpt) Vampire State Building germany70s12
Algaravia Quimera Algaravia brazil4
Algarnas Trädgård Rings of Saturn Framtiden är ett svävande skepp sweden1
Alphataurus Dopo l'uragano Alphataurus italy1
Amboy Dukes featuring Ted Nugent Marriage Marriage on the Rocks- Rock Bottom fave2
Amon Duul II Archangels Thunderbird & The Return of Ruebezahl Yeti germany70s6
Amon Duul II C.I.D. in Uruk Carnival in Babylon germany70s35
Amon Duul II Kanaan Phallus Dei germany70s3
Amon Duul II Surrounded by the Stars Wolf City germany70s13
Amon Duul II Toxicological Whispering Tanz der Lemminge germany70s9
Anacrusa Calfucura Fuerza argentina6
Anekdoten From Within From Within 1999_7
Anekdoten Rubankh Nucleus sweden5
Anekdoten The Flow Vemod sweden4
Ange Ces gens-la Le Cimetiere des Arlequins france2
Ange La Bataille Du Sucre Au Dela Du Delire france7
Anglagard Jordrok Hybris sweden3
Anglagård Hostsejd Epilog sweden6
Anyone's Daughter Adonis- Part 1: Come Away Adonis germany70s33
Aphrodite's Child Aegian Sea 666 greece3
Aphrodite's Child All the Seats Were Occupied (excerpt) 666 halloween1
Aphrodite's Child Break 666 greece3
Apocalypse Magia Perto do Amanhecer progday4
Apocalypse Notredame Perto do Amanhecer progday1
Apocalypse So Voce Lendas encantadas brazil4
Apoteosi Apoteosi Apoteosi italy2
Aquapolis Aquapolis Suite Tokyo Symphonic Syndrome japan8
Aquelarre Canto Aquelarre argentina3
Arachnoid Toutes Ces Images Arachnoid france3
Araujo, Marco Antonio Caipira Lucas brazil1
Archaia Sur les traces du Vieux Roy Archaia france10
Arco Iris Canto del P jaro Dorado Sudamerica argentina7
Area Cometa Rossa Caution Radiation Area italy2
Area Diforisma Urbano Maledetti italy10
Area L'elefante bianco Crac! italy6
Ars Nova Ankh The Book of the Dead japan10
Ars Nova Fury Goddess of Darkness japan11
Ars Nova Sahara 2301 Transi japan8
Art Zoyd Simulacres Symphonie Pour Le Jour france5
Arti + Mestieri Consapevolezza Parte 1 Giro di Valzer per Domani italy9
Arti + Mestieri Corrosione & Positivo-Negativo Tilt italy1
Arzachel Garden of Earthly Delights & Metempsychosis (excerpt) Arzachel england60s3
Asfalto La Isla Del Amor Asfalto spain3
Ash Ra Tempel Amboss (excerpt) Ash Ra Tempel germany70s4
Ash Ra Tempel Bring Me Up Starring Rosi germany70s16
Ash Ra Tempel Echo Waves (excerpt) Inventions for Electric Guitar germany70s28
Ash Ra Tempel Schingungen (excerpt) Schwingungen germany70s14
Ashra Sunrain New Age of Earth germany70s24
Asia Minor Misfortune Crossing the Line france7
Asia Minor Northern Lights Between Flesh and Divine france2
Assumpcao, Nico (first song on the album) Nico Assumpcao brazil4
Asturias Highland Brilliant Streams japan9
Ataraxia Plug Cord II Adolescence of an Ancient Warrior japan3
Atlas Bla Vardag Bla Vardag sweden2
Atoll Le Cimetier de Plastique L'Araignee-Mal france1
Attila, Kollar Musical Witchcraft Suite - Part II: Dark Middle Ages Musical Witchcraft hungary2
Aucan Tres de Octubre Brotes del Alba argentina6
Aunt Mary Playthings of the Wind Loaded norway1
Ave Rock Pause in Spaces (excerpt) Espacios argentina3
Azigza Touch Moon Window Azigza mclatchey1
Baby Grandmothers Somebody Keeps Calling My Name Love Proge norway2
Bacamarte Miragem & Passaro de Luz Depois do Fim brazil2
Balletto di Bronzo, Il Epilogo Il Balletto di Bronzo italy3
Balletto di Bronzo, Il Secondo Incontro \ Terzo Incontro Ys italy20
Banana Un Hombre en la Hoguera Aun Es Tiempo de Sonar argentina2
Banco di Terra ...di Terra italy11
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso Cento mani e cento occhi Darwin! italy8
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso La citta' sottile Io Sono Nato Libero italy5
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso R.I.P. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso italy1
Bar-Kays Six O'Clock News Report Black Rock progressive_r_b2
Baricentro, Il Sconcerto Sconcerto italy2
Basso, Luciano Prominade I Voci italy5
Battiato, Franco Da Oriente ad Occidente Sulle Corde di Aries italy1
Bayon Synthetic Waltz First Recordings germany70s14
Beck, Jeff Beck's Bolero Truth england60s2
Beck, Jeff Rice Pudding Beck-Ola england60s6
Bell, Joshua & Edgar Meyer with Sam Bush & Mike Marshall Hang Hang Short Trip Home 2000_3
Bellaphon Jade Firefly japan6
Bellaphon La Villette Delphi japan9
Bendian's Interzone, Gregg Drive Myriad 2000_1
Berlione, Il Electrostatic Hotel Il Berlione japan11
Berlione, Il One Infernal Fact In Paradise In 453 minutes Infernal Cooking japan7
Between Einsteig (excerpt) Einsteig germany70s29
Between Uroborus And the Waters Opened germany70s35
Bi Kyo Ran Double Bi Kyo Ran japan3
Bi Kyo Ran Psycho (Part 1) "Ran" - Live vol 3 japan5
Biblia, La Moises La Biblia argentina7
Big Swifty (Shri Swifty & the Mandali of Mantra) Queen of Atlantis The Canals of the Atlantean Plain usa90s4
Biglietto per L'Inferno Confessione Biglietto per L'Inferno italy11
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Readymen Dancing on a'a usa90s2
Birth Control No Time To Die Backdoor Possibilities germany70s27
Blanke, Toto PPG Electric Circus germany70s23
Blezqi Zatsaz The Last Wisdom Rise and Fall of Passional Sanity brazil4
Blodwyn Pig Leave It With Me Ahead Rings Out england60s4
Bloque Alquimista Soy El Hijo del Alba spain3
Bloque Humanidad Indefensa Hombre, Tierra y Alma spain3
Blåkulla I Solnedgangen Blåkulla sweden3
Boffo, Jean Pascal Bienvenue au pays Carillons france11
Bon So Far Away Full Circle - Coming Home progday2
Bondage Fruit Minus One IV 1999_4
Bondage Fruit Mobile Bondage Fruit II japan11
Bondage Fruit Odd-job Recit japan9
Boo Augen Boo 2000_10
Book of Hours Infertile Ground Art To The Blind allthingsprog2
Booker T. & the MGs Run Tank Run Uptight progressive_r_b1
Brainstorm Bosco Biati Weib Alles Smile a While germany70s5
Brainstorm Egress Tales of the Future 2000_6
Brave New World Malpais Corn Dance Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley germany70s8
Breant, Francois Les Journaux Annoncent La Guerre Sons Optiques france5
Broselmaschine The Old Man's Song Broselmaschine germany70s29
Bruce, Jack Theme for an Imaginary Western Songs for a Tailor england60s3
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Cobalt Canyons BLUE Nights 2000_3
Bubu Suenos de Maniqui Anabelas argentina5
California Guitar Trio Caravan Rocks the West 2000_10
Calix Danta com Devas ? brazil5
Campo di Marte Sesto Tempo Campo di Marte italy10
Campo di Marte Terzo Tempo Campo di Marte italy20
Can Geheim (half past one) The Peel Sessions germany70s32
Can Paperhouse Tago Mago germany70s4
Can Smoke (Ethnological Forgery Series No. 59) Flow Motion germany70s28
Can Vitamin C Ege Bamyasi germany70s10
Canarios, Los Tercer Acto: Ciudad Futura Ciclos spain2
Capitolo 6 Il Tramonto di un Popolo Frutti per Kagua italy3
Caravan Place of My Own Caravan england60s7
Carol of Harvest Put On Your Nightcap (excerpt) Carol of Harvest germany70s31
Carpe Diem Le Miracle de la Saint-Gaston Cueille le Jour france6
Carpe Diem Publiphobie En Regardant Passer Le Temps france4
Cartoon Tempo ?unreleased? brazil6
Cast Dawn Imaginary Window 1999_5
Castello di Atlante, Il Il Vesillo del Drago Sono io il Signore delle Terre a Nord italy17
Catharsis Melba Le Bolero du Veau des Dames france6
Catharsis Ouverture Les Chevrons france8
Celeste Eftus Celeste italy5
Cervello Scinsione (T.R.M.) Melos italy9
Chameleon Starskater Turn Century Turn - Space Rock and Psychedelia from Around the Globe 1999_1
Chaos Code Gravy Fries A Tapestry of Afterthoughts 2000_5
Cheiro de Vida Fechado Para Balanco Cheiro de Vida brazil3
Chenevier, Guigon Salman Rushdie Les Rumeurs de la Ville france12
Cinema Show Danca Dos Ventos - Parte II Danca dos Ventos brazil3
Clearlight Clearlight Symphony 2nd Movement (excerpt) Clearlight Symphony clearlight1
Clearlight Les Contes du Singe Fou (excerpt) Les Contes du Singe Fou clearlight1
Clearlight Vision Nocturne Visions clearlight1
Cobham, Billy Stratus Spectrum fave3
Code III Phoenix Rising (excerpt) Planet of Man germany70s19
Codice Icons Suite (A Log of Dreams) Alba y Ocaso 1999_3
Colosseum The Kettle Valentyne Suite england60s6
Connivence Lapin Connivence canada1
Consorzio Acqua Potabile Robin ......again Robin delle stelle progday3
Contraluz Clave de Sol Americanos argentina4
Cornucopia Day of a Daydreambeliever (excerpt) Full Horn germany70s15
Cortes, Lula & Ze Ramalho Trilha de Sume Lula Cortes & Ze Ramalho brazil3
Cosmic Jokers Galactic Joke (excerpt) Cosmic Jokers germany70s22
Cosmic Jokers Kinder des Alls (excerpt) Galactic Supermarket germany70s17
Cosmos Factory Maybe An Old Castle of Transylvania japan4
Cosmos Factory Sunday's Happening A Journey with the Cosmos Factory japan1
Crack Descenso en el Mah llstrong Si todo hiciera spain1
Cream Toad (excerpt) Wheels of Fire england60s4
Cream World of Pain Disraeli Gears england60s1
Crucis Todo tiempo posible Crucis argentina1
Crusis Pollo frito Los Delirios Del Mariscal argentina5
Cziglan, Istvan Tango Tango Seven Gates of Alhombra 2000_11
DFA Esperanto Duty Free Area 1999_12
Dark Aether Project Dark Aether Dark Aether Project progday4
Davis, Miles Well o' the wisp Sketches of Spain spain4
Deboco D95 Deboco france12
Dedalus Brilla Dedalus italy7
Deep Purple Mandrake Root Shades of Deep Purple england60s2
Deep Purple The Painter Deep Purple england60s5
Deja-Vu Between the Leaves Between the Leaves sweden1
Deja-Vu Flash! Baroque in the Future japan11
Delired Cameleon Family Raganesh Delired Cameleon Family clearlight1
Delirium Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo 3 Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo italy3
Dennerlein, Barbara Strange Passion Outhipped 2000_2
Deus Ex Machina Dove non Puo Esserci Contraddizione Equilibrismo da Insofferenza italy19
Deus Ex Machina Hostis Deus Ex Machina italy16
Deus Ex Machina Perpetua Lux II De Republica italy13
Deuter Gammastrahlen-Lamm D germany70s5
Devil Doll Dies Irae - Parts I-II-III Dies Irae italy13
Devil Doll Eliogabalus (excerpt) Eliogabalus italy20
Devil Doll Sacrilegium (excerpt) Sacrilegium italy19
Devil Doll The Girl Who Was ...Death The Girl Who Was ...Death italy17
Dice Death - Dance of the Devils Four Riders of the Apocalypse sweden1
Dill Trio, Stefan Path Stefan Dill Trio 2000_9
Discipline Crutches Unfolded Like Staircase progday2
Discipline Systems Push and Profit progday4
Divae Gargantua Bestemmia ... Determinazione italy15
Divae Regina Delle Fate Determinazione italy19
Dixie Dregs Peaches en Regalia California Screamin' 2000_8
Djam Karet Technology and Industry Live at Orion 1999_12
Doctor Nerve NerveWare No. 2 Beta 14 ok usa90s2
Doctor Zero Onde Crepusculaire Unsettled Scores usa90s3
Dogma Beginnings Album brazil4
Dom Dream (excerpt) Edge of Time germany70s11
Dr. Folamour India Song Dr. Folamour france13
Drama Renaissance Drama france12
Dreams Try Me Dreams progressive_r_b3
Dreams of Sanity Masquerade - Interlude Masquerade 2000_9
Dugrenot, Joel Cycles Boomerang france13
Dugrenot, Joel Half Fish, Half Bird Mosaiques france9
Dunwich Passaggio a Saint Briac Eternal Eclipse of Frost 1999_5
Dzyan Electric Silence Electric Silence germany70s21
Dzyan Fohat's Work Hymn (excerpt) Dzyan germany70s19
Dzyan Time Machine (excerpt) Time Machine germany70s13
E.A. Poe Considerazioni Generazioni (Storia De Sempre) italy3
Earth, Wind and Fire Bad Tune Earth, Wind and Fire progressive_r_b2
East Far Away with the Clouds Játékok hungary2
East Megikus Ero Hüség hungary1
Echolyn Brittany Cowboy Poems Free 2000_5
Eclat Cinq-quarts Eclat vol 1 & 2 france11
Eden Spatregen Erwartung germany70s31
Edhels Aries-Belier Astro Logical france10
Eela Craig Agnus Dei Missa Universalis germany70s29
Eela Craig New Born Child Eela Craig germany70s3
Eela Craig Way Down One Niter germany70s23
Eiliff Gammeloni Eiliff germany70s1
Eiliff Journey to the Ego Girlrls germany70s7
Eiliff Lilybaeum Close Encounter With Their Third One germany70s11
Ejwuusl Wessahqqan Hobbl-di-wobbl Ejwuusl Wessahqqan germany70s23
Ektroverde Taitaja Arpeggio 1999_9
Electric Sun Sundown Earthquake germany70s33
Elegant Simplicity A Cradle of Stars Moments of Clarity allthingsprog2
Elonkorjuu Future Elonkorjuu finland3
Eloy Castle in the Air Floating germany70s18
Eloy Future City Inside germany70s13
Eloy Lost?? (The Decision) Dawn germany70s26
Eloy Mighty Echoes Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes germany70s34
Eloy Poseidon's Creation Ocean germany70s30
Eloy Voice of Revolution Eloy germany70s2
Embryo A Place to Go Rocksession germany70s14
Embryo Call (excerpt) Steig Aus germany70s8
Empty Tremor The Future Needs Your Name Eros and Thanatos 2000_6
Emtidi Saat Saat germany70s8
Ensemble Nimbus Absolute Zero Garmonbozia 2000_5
Ensemble Nimbus Skrapan Key Figures sweden5
Envision South Side of the Sky A Classic Yes Tribute progday1
Epidaurus Actions and Reactions Earthly Paradise germany70s27
Epidermis Prime Origin Genius of the Original Force germany70s34
Equinox Lonely in My Dreams Baja Prog Live 1998 progday4
Equinox Refugio Spirits of Freedom 1999_11
Erehia Burlezke Manuzk Ritos Ze 1999_7
Eris Pluvia Glares of the Mind Rings of Earthly Delight italy13
Errata Corrige Dal libro di bordo dell' "Adventure" Siegfried, Il Drago E Altre Storie italy6
Escapade Singe Due To A Faulty Premonition 2000_8
Eskaton Eskaton Eskaton france6
Espiritu Hay un Mundo Luminoso Crisalida argentina4
Et Cetera Thursday Morning Sunrise Et Cetera germany70s18
Eternidad Ciudad mirame Apertuna argentina5
Etron Fou Leloublan re Calme Determination 43 Songs france5
Exclusive Raja Black Movie Insubmersible france12
Exuviae Silencia (excerpt) Echoes In The Emptiness mclatchey1
Ezra Winston Nightstorm Ancient Afternoons italy14
Fairport Convention Fotheringay What We Did On Our Holidays england60s3
Fairport Convention Tam Lin Liege and Lief england60s7
Family Observations From A Hill Family Entertainment england60s4
Family The Chase & See Through Windows Music in a Doll's House england60s1
Far East Family Band Birds flying to the cave The Cave Down to the Earth japan1
Far East Family Band Nipponjin (excerpt) Nipponjin japan11
Far East Family Band Tenkujin Tenkujin japan3
Fates Warning So Disconnected 2000_3
Faust Just a Second (Starts Like That!) Faust IV germany70s15
Faust Miss Fortune (excerpt) Faust germany70s7
Fermata 80 000 Huascaran hungary1
Fermata Perpetum III X 1999_14
Fermata Valcik pre krstnu mamu Fermata hungary2
Fernandes, Glauco Native Glauco Fernandes 1999_14
Finisterre Asia Finisterre italy18
Finisterre Ideenkleid Leibnitz Frei In Limine italy14
Finneus Gauge State of the Art One Inch of the Fall 1999_3
Finnforest What a Night Finnforest finland2
Flamborough Head Legend of the Old Man Tree Unspoken Whispher allthingsprog2
Flaming Bess Tanz der Gotter (excerpt) Tanz der Gotter germany70s33
Fleetwood Mac Underway & Oh Well (excerpt) Then Play On england60s4
Flower Kings Rumble Fish Twist Space Revolver 2000_2
Flower Kings Simple Song Business Vamp Flower Power
Flower Kings The Magic Circus of Zeb The Flower King sweden6
Flower Kings The Melting Pot Retropolis sweden3
Flower Travellin' Band All The Days Make Up japan10
Flower Travellin' Band Satori Part 1 Satori japan11
Forever Einstein My mule wouldn't walk in the mud so I had to put 17 bullets in her Down with Gravity usa90s1
Forgas Band Phenomena Declic Roue Libre france13
Forgas Band Phenomena Extra-Lucide Extra-Lucide 1999_1
Forgotten Suns Creation Point Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent) allthingsprog1
Fractious The Blue Job Fractious usa90s5
Fragile Pohjas Appletree in Osaka 2000_5
Franks, Michael Born with the Moon in Virgo Previously Unavailable fave1
Franz K. Sensemann (excerpt) Sensemann germany70s10
French TV Clanghonktweet 5 Live: Yoo-Hoo usa90s1
French TV The Odessa Steps Sequence 6 The Violence of Amateurs 1999_3
Froese, Edgar Panorphelia Aqua germany70s29
Froese, Edgar Stuntman Stuntman germany70s34
Frohmader, Peter & Richard Pinhas Fossil Culture II Fossil Culture 1999_13
Fuhrs and Frohling Ammerland Ammerland germany70s32
Funkadelic I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing Funkadelic progressive_r_b1
Funkadelic Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of Bitch in Him Standing on the Verge of Getting it on progressive_r_b3
Fusioon Danza del Molinero Fusioon spain2
Fusioon Dialogos Fusioon spain1
Fusioon Minorisa (Suite) Minorisa spain4
Gaa Bossa Rustical Auf der Bahn zum Uranus germany70s16
Gaga Blung Creation Destruction In Art 1999_12
Galadriel Under a Full-Colored Sky Chasing the Dragonfly spain2
Galaxy Warning Walls Nature's Clear Well germany70s35
Gappo, Nilton Planetary Walk Secret Gardens brazil5
Garcia, Leticia Ephemerides & Trilho Sem Fim Magmaquiaverica em canturbano brazil3
Garden Wall Immer Unterwegs Chimica italy17
Garmarna Sorgsen ton | Stomped Bread Vengeance 1999_11
Garmarna Varulven (Werewolf) God's Musicians sweden4
Gash Angel and Mother A Young Man's Gash germany70s9
Genesis The Serpent From Genesis to Revelation england60s3
Genfuoco terra promessa (parte 2) Dentro L'Invisibile italy4
Gerard Chaos Pandora's Box japan8
Gerard La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta Keyboards Triangle 1999_14
Gerard La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta Live in Marseille 1999_7
Gerard The Acts Of The Apostles Meridian japan10
German Oak Airalert German Oak germany70s22
Germinale Le Onde, respiro del mare E il suo respiro ancora agita le onde italy14
Gila Kollektivitat Free Electric Sound germany70s1
Gila Little Smoke Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee germany70s27
Gila Viva Arabica Night Works germany70s11
Giles, Giles & Fripp Erudite Eyes The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp england60s3
Goblin Flashing (film version) Tenebre italy18
Goblin Markos Suspiria italy20
Goblin Profondo Rosso Profondo Rosso italy5
Goblin Roller Roller italy9
Goblin Sighs Suspiria halloween1
Gods, The Sticking Wings on Flies To Samuel a Son england60s2
Golden Earring Big Tree, Blue Sea Moontan fave2
Golowin, Sergius Die Hoch-Zeit (excerpt) Lord Krishna von Goloka germany70s25
Gomorrha Titish Child I Turned to See Whose Voice it Was germany70s6
Gongzilla Gongzilla Suffer progday3
Gordian Knot Code - Anticode Gordian Knot 1999_1
Gotic Imprompt - 1 Escenes spain2
Granada No Se Si Debo Valle del Pas spain1
Grime Cauchemar (part 2) Grime france5
Grobschnitt Drummer's Dream Ballerman germany70s17
Grobschnitt Ernie's Reise (excerpt) Rockpommel's Land germany70s26
Grobschnitt Solar Music III Solar Music - Live germany70s31
Grobschnitt The Clown Jumbo germany70s22
Grobschnitt Travelling Grobschnitt germany70s10
Grovjobb Gaddans jakt Vättarnas Fest 1999_7
Guru Guru Dance of the Flames Dance of the Flames germany70s19
Guru Guru Oxymoron Kanguru germany70s6
Guru Guru Stone In UFO germany70s3
Guru Guru The Meaning of Meaning Hinten germany70s11
H20 Lo Specchio Unopuntosei italy16
H2O h2o Unopuntosei italy20
Haikara Manala Haikara finland1
Hakansson, Kenny Pellikvalsen - efter Lejsme Per Springlekar och Ganglatar sweden2
Halloween Derniere Bataille Merlin france11
Hammel, Pavol Marian Varga, Radim Hladik S chodnikom na chrbte Na druhom programe sna hungary1
Hamster Theater Hamster Dance Siege on Hamburger City usa90s5
Hansson, Bo Leaving Shire Lord of the Rings sweden1
Happy Family Rolling the Law Court Happy Family japan7
Happy Family The Picture Book - X Rated Toscco japan9
Harmonia Dino Musik Von Harmonia germany70s21
Harmonium Vert Les Cinq Saisons canada1
Harper, Roy Sgt. Sunshine Folkjokeopus england60s3
Hauru, Jukka Enema Syringe Episode finland2
Hecenia Le grimoire Legendes france11
Hedningarna Ukkonen Karelia Visa 1999_8
Heldon Stand By Stand By france7
Hellebore Warme Wasser mit Grass & Umanak - Marquis de Saint Cricq Il Y A Des Jours france10
Helmerson, Anders Digital Anthem End of Illusion norway2
Heretic Excerpts from Interface Part I 1984-1988 japan5
Hero Children's Game Hero italy11
Heru Avenger Neteru 2000 New Aeon usa90s4
Hi-speed et moocong palse Erioka Con Animac Planetico japan8
High Tide Futilist's Lament Sea Shanties england60s6
Hinn Islenzki Thursaflokkur Solnes Hinn Islenzki Thursaflokkur norway1
Hochenkeit I Love You I Love You 1999_3
Hoelderlin Before You Lay Down Rogh and Thorny Rare Birds germany70s29
Hoelderlin Schwebebahn Hoelderlin germany70s20
Hoelderlin Soft Landing Traumstadt germany70s32
Hoelderlin Streaming Clowns and Clouds germany70s24
Hoelderlin Waren Wir Hoelderlin's Traum germany70s16
Hoenig, Michael Sun and Moon Departure From The Northern Wasteland germany70s26
Holdsworth, Allan The Sixteen Men of Tain The Sixteen Men of Tain allthingsprog2
Honeyelk Terres de sagesse (excerpt) En Quete d'un Monde Meilleur france3
Horizonte Proximo abismo Senales Sin Edad argentina5
Horizonte Vidala del Corazon Horizonte argentina1
Hosemobile Fold Six Foot Hater usa90s5
Hostsonaten Mirrorcloud Mirrorgames italy16
Hot Thumbs O'Riley Warm Rumours Wicked Ivory finland1
Hoyry Kone Tottele Huono Parturi finland3
Höst Ase Hardt mot Hardt norway1
I Dik Dik Donna Paesaggio Suite Per Una Donna Assolutamente Relativa italy11
I.D. Company Bhagavad Gita I.D. Company germany70s12
I.Q. Hollow Afternoon The Lost Attic 1999_5
Ibio Cuevas de Altamira Cuevas de Altamira spain1
Ibis Premessa Ibis italy4
Iceberg Andalusia, Andalusia Sentiments spain1
Igra Staklenih Perli Putovanje u Plavo Igra Staklenih Perli greece2
Ikarus Mesentery Ikarus germany70s2
Imagin' Aria Arte o Artificio In Un Altro Quando italy17
Iman Maluquinha Camino del Aquila spain3
In the Labyrinth Lop Nor (The Wandering Lake) Walking on Clouds 1999_9
In the Labyrinth Trans Turkish Express The Gardern of Mysteries sweden5
Incredible String Band Witches Hat The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter england60s7
Index Quaterna Requiem Index brazil6
Invisible Jugo de Lucuma Invisible argentina2
Invisible Pleamar de Aguilas Durazno Sangrando argentina5
Iraklis (Hercules) s` allous kosmous (in other worlds) Se Allous Kosmous(In Other Worlds) greece3
Isildur's Bane Overtyr Sagan Om Den Irlandska Algen sweden3
Isildur's Bane The Pilot Mind Volume 1 sweden4
Itoiz Ezekielen Esnatzea I Ezekiel spain2
Itziar Manifestu atzeratua Itziar spain2
Ivory At This Very Moment Sad Cypress germany70s34
Ivory Tower The Peeping Tom Beyond the Stars 2000_5
J.A. Caesar ? (third song) Kokkyou Junreika japan2
Jaivas, Los Danza Cancion Del Sur argentina2
Jaivas, Los Desde un Barrial Aconcagua argentina4
Jaivas, Los La Poderosa Muerte Alturas De Macchu Picchu argentina7
James Gang The Bomber Rides Again fave2
Jane Air (Superman) Fire, Water, Earth & Air germany70s26
Jane Try to Find Together germany70s10
Jarre, Jean-Michel Oxygene (part 4) Oxygene france13
Jethro Tull Back to the Family Stand Up england60s7
Jethro Tull My Sunday Feeling This Was england60s1
Johnson, Eric Western Flyer Guitar Speak - Volume 1 fave3
Johnson, Richard Leo Cheek to Cheek \ Dance in Heaven Language usa90s1
Johnson, Richard Leo Get Funked Fingertip Ship 2000_11
Jose Cid O Caos 10000 Anos Depois Entre Venus e Marte spain3
Kadwaladyr Dragon Gwenn, Dragon Ruz The Last Hero france13
Kaipa Korstag Inget Nytt under Solen sweden1
Kaipa Skogspromenad Kaipa sweden2
Kalacakra Raga N. 11 Crawling to Lhasa germany70s2
Kalevala Waves People No Names finland1
Kansas Myriad Somewhere to Elsewhere 2000_5
Karnataka Tell Me Why Karnataka allthingsprog2
Katarsis 5 degree Romance Ostion 1999_14
Kehell Galileo Galileo 1999_3
Keneally, Mike Click Nonkertompf 1999_9
Keneally, Mike Egg Zooming Sluggo usa90s3
Kenso Kohan Nite - Zaiya Kara No Kikan Esoptron 1999_8
Kenso P.M. (dedicated to Pat Metheny) Music for Five Unknown Musicians japan7
Kenso Sea Kenso 3 japan5
Kenso Sora ni Hikaru Kenso II japan3
Kenso The Ancient In My Brain Ken-Son-Gu-Su mclatchey1
Kenso Umi Kenso japan1
Kerman, Dave - 5 UU's First Person Jocular Regarding Purgatories 2000_8
Kerrs Pink Mellom Oss Mellom Oss norway1
Kerrs Pink Never Land Art of Complex Simplicity norway2
Kha-Ym Georges 10" GMT france11
Khan Mixed Up Man of the Mountains Space Shanty fave3
King Crimson Devil's Triangle In the Wake of Poseidon halloween1
King Crimson In The Court of the Crimson King Epitaph england60s5
Kingston Wall Nepal Kingston Wall finland3
Kingston Wall We Cannot Move & Istwan Kingston Wall 2 finland2
Kitaro Sundance The Light of the Spirit japan6
Koenji Hyakkei Ioss Hundred Sights Of Koenji japan11
Kool & the Gang I Remember John W. Coltrane Good Times progressive_r_b2
Kopecky The Rise and Fall of Stella Morbida Kopecky 1999_4
Korai Orom Part 2 Korai Orom 1996 hungary3
Korekyojin On Reflection Korekyojin japan8
Korekyojin Out of Head Korekyojin 1999_10
Kraan Backs Wintrup germany70s16
Kraan Holiday am Marterhorn Andy Nogger germany70s20
Kraan Jerk of Life Live germany70s24
Kraan Luftpost Let It Out germany70s28
Kraan Sarah's Ritt durch Schwarzwald Kraan germany70s5
Kraan Yaqui Yagua Wiederhoren germany70s32
Kraftwerk Ruckzuck Kraftwerk germany70s6
Kraftwerk The Robots The Man-Machine germany70s32
Krakatoa Driving by Candlabrum Plan Ahead 1999_6
Kraken in the Maelstrom The Nightmare Legion - Part I Embryogenesis (bioregulator Heat Emissions) italy14
Kriegel, Volker Fur Hector Inside: Missing Link germany70s20
Kromlech desterrado en el desquicio La Soledad de las Sombras 1999_9
Kuhn Band, Joachim Orange Drive Sunshower germany70s33
Kultivator Barndomens Stigar Barndomens Stigar sweden2
Lacrymosa Balkanic Dance Joy Of A Wrecked Ship japan11
Lake On the Run Lake germany70s24
Lamothe, Claude A la grecque Cru 1999_3
Landberk The Tree Lonely Land sweden5
Lane, Shawn Peace in Mississippi The Tritone Fascination 1999_8
Langsyne Mignon Langsyne germany70s25
Lard Free Pale Violence under a Reverbere I'm Around About Midnight france7
Lard Free Warinobaril Lard Free france4
Latte E Miele Il Calvario Passio Secundum Mattheum italy4
Latte E Miele Patetica Papillon italy12
Ledesma Q, Jose Luis Fernandez & Margarita Botello Sol Central Sol Central 1999_13
Leger de Main Crystal Fortune A Concept of Reality usa90s3
Lemur Voice Divided Divided 1999_5
Levin, Tony Gecko Walk Waters of Eden 2000_3
Lindh Project, Pär Baroque Impression No 1 Mundus incompertus sweden6
Lindh, Bjorn J:son El Henna Cous Cous sweden2
Lindh, Pär & Björn Johansson The Battle of the Five Armies Bilbo sweden5
Liquid Tension Experiment Biaxident 2 1999_6
Locanda Delle Fate Vendesi Saggezza Forse le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu italy8
Lonely Universe Corridor Lonely Universe usa90s5
Love Unfold the Sun featuring Stefan Dill How the Nexus Affects Us Live at Outpost 27.6.99 1999_14
Lucifer's Friend Spanish Galleon Banquet fave1
M Efekt Vysoka Stolicka, Dlhy Popol Svitanie hungary3
MCH Band Arena Karneval 1999_14
Magdalena Anna-Magdalena Magdalena japan2
Magic Island Up and Away Small 1999_1
Magical Power Mako Restraint, Freedom Magical Power Mako japan10
Magma Kohntarkosz Part 1 Kohntarkosz france1
Magma La Transformacion La Transformacion argentina3
Man Kerosene Rhinos, Whinos and Lunatics fave3
Mandrill Here Today, Gone Tomorrow The Sun Must Go Down Is
Mandrill Peace and Love Mandrill progressive_r_b1
Maneige Douce Amere Ni Vent...Ni Nouvelle canada1
Manning, Guy The Voyager Tall Stories for Small Children allthingsprog2
Manring, Michael Snakes Got Legs Thonk usa90s4
Maquina de Hacer Pajaros, La Que se Puede Hacer Salve Ver Peliculas Peliculas argentina6
Maquina de Hacer Pajaros, La Rock and Roll La Maquina de Hacer Pajaros argentina1
Marble Sheep and the Run-down Sun's Children Melted Moon Marble Sheep and the Run-down Sun's Children japan4
Mastermind Excelsior! Excelsior! 1999_12
Mastermind The Queen of Sheba Angels of the Apocalypse 2000_1
Mauve Sideshow Hide in the Rain Mauve Sideshow usa90s1
Maxophone When We Were Young Maxophone italy8
Mayfield, Curtis Right on for the Darkness Back to the World progressive_r_b3
Mayfield, Curtis We the People Who are Darker than Blue Curtis progressive_r_b2
McChurch Soundroom Trouble - Part 1 Delusion germany70s1
McGill, Scott Industrial Blowout Ripe usa90s1
McLaughlin, John Extrapolation Extrapolation england60s5
Mediterranea Vai facile Ecce Rock italy19
Medusa Cyclone Beyond Earth Mr. Devil usa90s4
Metamorfosi Introduzione Inferno italy2
Metamorfosi Razzisti \ Lucifero (Politicanti) Inferno italy20
Metamorphosis Trilogy Contaminated Chamber Music 1999_10
Metaphor Ladder from the Sky Starfooted 1999_10
Metropolis Birth Metropolis germany70s18
Mezquita Ara Buza (Dame un Beso) Recuerdos De Mi Tierra spain1
MiRthkon Honey Key Jamboree Wallytunes Vol 1A 1999_2
Mia Crifana Y Tamilstenes Cornonstipicum argentina1
Midas Sham Noctiluca Beyond the Clear Air japan5
Minimum Vital Sarabandes n2 Sarabandes france10
Minotaurus Lonely Seas Fly Away germany70s26
Miriodor Bal Con (Bloody Party) Elastic Juggling canada1
Missus Beastley Patscha Menga Underground Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed Pickles germany70s28
Missus Beastly 20th Century Break Missus Beastly germany70s25
Miuri, Naomi Corde Spirale Kings' Boards japan7
Mizutani, Kimio Sail in the Sky A Path Through Haze japan2
Mongol Driller Doppler 444 japan6
Montefeltro La Collana Riflettente Il Tempo di Far la Fantasia italy15
Montesano, Gustavo Primer triunfo Homenaje argentina3
Moody Blues Beyond & Out and In To Our Children's Children's Children england60s2
Moody Blues In the Beginning & Lovely to See You On the Threshold of a Dream england60s7
Moody Blues Things Go Better With Coke Things Go Better With Coke england60s6
Moondancer BA-RA-SIN-JU Moondancer japan1
Morpheus Oktober & Tanz der Morphine Rabenteur germany70s30
Morricone, Ennio For a Few Dollars More The Legendary Italian Westerns italy11
Morse, Steve Prognosis Major Impacts 2000_4
Morte Macabre Apoteosi del Mistero Symphonic Holocaust sweden4
Mostly Autumn Porcupine Rain For All We Shared allthingsprog1
Motor Humming Cyborg Fish Musical Aluminum 2000_3
Motor Totemist Guild Blood in the Tower City of Mirrors 2000_11
Mourao, Tulio O Coracao Disparado ? brazil6
Moving Gelatine Plates Moving Theme The World of Genius Hans france4
Mr. Sirius Super Joker Dirge japan3
Muffins She Wears Her Dead Mother's Hat Unsettled Scores (Various Artist) usa90s2
Mugen Trident Rock The Princess Of Kingdom Gone japan7
Munoz, Tisziji Blessings Presence of Mastery 2000_11
Murple (some part of the first side) Io Sono Murple italy12
Murply Blend Use Your Feet First Loss germany70s2
Museo Rosenbach Superuomo Zarathustra italy10
Mushroom The Magic of Michael Analog hi-fi surprise 1999_11
Mutantes Ando Meio Desligado A Divina Comedia ou brazil1
Mutantes Pitagoras Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol brazil5
Mutantes Uma pessoa so "A" e o "Z" brazil3
Myrbein Kurt pa taket Myrornas Krig sweden3
Mythos Encyclopedia Terra Part 2 Mythos germany70s2
Mythos Eternity Dreamlab germany70s19
Nadoieda Parenot-21 Atto I e II italy19
Ne Zhdali Bossa 2000 Turbo Tokyo Nov. 25, 1998 2000_9
NeBeLNeST shafoo NeBeLNeST progday3
NeBeLNeST solilock NeBeLNeST 1999_8
Neo Neoplasme Neo france8
Neu! Weissensee Jahresuberblick Neu! germany70s4
Neuschwanstein Ice with Dwale Battlement germany70s34
New Trolls Nato adesso Ut italy4
Nexus El ultimo ritual Detras del Umbral argentina7
Nexus Sueno Infinito Detras del Umbral 1999_11
Niacin Stompin' Ground Deep 2000_1
Nice, The Rondo (69) The Nice england60s4
Nimoy, Leonard War of the Worlds War of the Worlds halloween1
Nine Days Wonder Apple Tree Nine Days Wonder germany70s12
Noetra Resurgence d' Errance Noetra france7
Noise Fragment Kadenzkiller A Live EP 2000_11
Nomadi, I Un Giorno Insieme Un Giorno Insieme italy12
Nosferatu Vanity Fair Nosferatu germany70s1
Nova Tailor Made Blink italy8
Nova Vimana Vimana italy12
Novalis Aufbruck Sommerabend germany70s25
Novalis Banished Bridge (excerpt) Banished Bridge germany70s13
Novalis Dronsz Novalis germany70s21
Novalis Feuer bricht in die Zeit Brandung germany70s29
Novela Terra Symphonic World japan10
Nuova Idea Clessidra Clowns italy6
Octopus Kill Your Murderer Boat of Thoughts germany70s23
Odissea Cour di Rubino Odissea italy18
Old Man and the Sea Monk Song, Part 2 The Old Man and the Sea norway1
Omega Ejfeli koncert Idôrabló hungary4
Omega H., az elektromos furTsz Jszakai Országút hungary1
Omega The Lost Prophet 8: Csillagok Utján hungary3
One Shot M.D.M. One Shot 2000_1
Opperman, Chris Sophia's Dream (vs. Reality) Oppy Music Vol. 1 usa90s4
Opus 5 Le Bal Contre Courant canada1
Organisation Silver Forest Tone Float germany70s1
Orme, Le Contrappunti Contrappunti italy4
Orme, Le La Porta Chiusa Uomo Di Pezza italy7
Orme, Le Ritorno al nulla Felona E Sorona italy2
Oryzhein la parabole Scalaria 1999_12
Os Mundi Erstickubungen 43 Minuten germany70s9
Osanna Animale senza respiro Palepoli italy4
Osiris Dreams of a Jester Myths and Legends greece2
Out of Focus See how a white Negro flies Wake Up germany70s2
Out of Focus Tsajama Four Letter Monday Afternoon germany70s10
Out of Focus What Can a Poor Man Do (But to be a Streetfighting Man) Out of Focus germany70s6
Outer Limits The Scene of Pale Blue (excerpt) The Scene of Pale Blue japan4
Outer Limits The Silent Valley A Boy Playing The Magical Bugle Horn japan2
Ozone Quartet Dragonfly Fresh Blood progday2
Ozone Quartet Mazeppa Nocturne 1999_7
Ozric Tentacles Coily Waterfall Cities 1999_4
Ozric Tentacles Space Out Swirly Termination 2000_2
PEST Deblaston Quinolone 1999_2
PLJ Band Intro Armageddon greece1
Pablo El Enterrador Elefantes de Papel Pablo El Enterrador argentina6
Paese Dei Balocchi, Il Impotenza Dell' Umilta' E Della Rassegnazione Il Paese Dei Balocchi italy6
Pageant L'Enfer Des Poupees La Mosaique de La Reverie japan3
Parallel or 90 Degrees The Single Time Capsule allthingsprog1
Paranoise Instability, Containment, Rollback Private Power 2000_11
Parsons, Alan Total Eclipse I Robot halloween1
Passport Eternal Spiral Looking Thru germany70s35
Passport Homunculus Cross Collateral germany70s20
Passport Mandragora Doldinger (aka Second Passport) germany70s8
Passport Puzzle Hand Made germany70s15
Pearce, Jeff To the Shores of Heaven To the Shores of Heaven 2000_8
Pell Mell Desert in Your Mind Rhapsody germany70s20
Pell Mell The Clown and the Queen Marburg germany70s8
Pell Mell Toccata From the New World germany70s15
Pentacle La clef des songes La clef des songes france1
Periferia Del Mondo I Bless the Night In Ogni Luogo, In Ogni Tempo 2000_2
Perigeo Nadir Abbiamo Tutti un Blues da Piangere italy12
Persinger, Shawn Hideous Kinky - Life in a Box Reasonable Horse 2000_9
Philharmonie Philharmonie Philharmonie france13
Phoenix Invocatie Cant of a Bule greece1
Picchio dal Pozzo Cocomelastico Picchio dal Pozzo italy7
Picchio dal Pozzo Strativari Abbiamo Tutti i Suoi Problemi italy10
Piedi Nudi, A Esodo Eclissi italy14
Piedi Nudi, A Lungo il Sentiero Creazione italy18
Pierrot Lunaire Il re di Raipure Pierrot Lunaire italy8
Pierrot Lunaire Morella Gudrun italy11
Pinhas, Richard Variations IV Sur le Theme de Bene Gesserit Chronolyse france13
Pink Floyd Bike Piper at the Gates of Dawn england60s7
Pink Floyd Echoes (excerpt) Meddle halloween1
Pink Floyd Julia Dream Relics england60s1
Pink Floyd Sysyphus - Parts 1, 2, and 3 Umma Gumma england60s4
Pohjola, Pekka Matemaatikon Lentonaytos (Mathematician's Air Display) Keesojen Lehto finland2
Pohjola, Pekka Pewit Pewit finland3
Pohjola, Pekka Virtogen Kiharat Pihkasilma Kaarnakorva finland1
Ponty, Jean-Luc Cosmic Messenger Cosmic Messenger france4
Popol Ace Mr. Bigalow Stolen from Time norway1
Popol Vuh Aguirre II Aguirre germany70s33
Popol Vuh Du Tranke Mich Mit Deinen Kussen Das Hohelied Salomos germany70s21
Popol Vuh Einsjager & Siebenjager (excerpt) Einsjager & Siebenjager germany70s28
Popol Vuh Ich mache einen Spiegel Affenstunde germany70s7
Popol Vuh Oh Wie Nah Ist Der Weg Hinab Letzte Tage Letzte Nachte germany70s24
Popul Vuh Selig sind, die da hungern... Seligpreisung germany70s17
Potemkine Tango Panache Nicolas II france5
Prat, Jean-Paul Masal Masal france8
Premiata Forneria Marconi Appena Un Poco Per Un Amico italy9
Premiata Forneria Marconi Chocolate Kings Chocolate Kings italy18
Premiata Forneria Marconi Impressioni di Settembre Storia Di Un Minuto italy2
Premiata Forneria Marconi La Luna Nuova L'isola di Niente italy5
Present Ceux D'en Bas - Part 6 - Le Combat N.6 1999_1
Procession Un Mondo Sprecato Fiaba italy6
Procol Harum A Salty Dog A Salty Dog england60s6
Procol Harum Repent Walpurgis Procol Harum england60s2
Projekct X (King Crimson) Six O'Clock Heaven and Earth 2000_10
Providence HCHO 40 There Once Was a Night of "Choko-muro" The Paradise japan6
Prowlers Dolce Metamorfosi Sweet Metamorfosi italy16
Pseudo Buddha Evening Prayer Motive 2000_8
Pulsar Halloween part 1 (excerpt) Halloween france4
Pulsar Strands of the Future Strands of the Future france2
Pussy All of My Life Pussy england60s4
Quantum Inter Vivos Quantum brazil1
Quaterna Requiem Toccata Velha Gravura brazil2
Quella Vecchia Locanda Il Cieco Quella Vecchia Locanda italy8
Quella Vecchia Locanda Villa Doria Pamphili Il Tempo Della Gioia italy1
Quidam Angels of Mine Live in Mexico '99 1999_12
Quidam Bajkowy Quidam hungary4
Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno Su Una Rupe Per... Un Mondo di Cristallo italy6
Rain of Thought The Pleasure of Moral Indignation Realist's View 2000_7
Ramses Agitation Play Eternity Rise germany70s30
Ramses American Dream La Leyla germany70s21
Rare Bird God of War Rare Bird england60s3
Reale Accademia di Musica Lavoro in Citta' Reale Accademia di Musica italy7
Recordando o Vale das Macas Remembering Apples Valley II As Criancas da Nova Floresta II brazil5
Redd Kings On War Tristes Noticias del Imperio argentina2
Reichel, Achim (A. R. & Machines) (excerpt from side 1) Die Grune Reise (The Green Journey) germany70s7
Reichel, Achim (A. R. & Machines) Every Raindrop Longs for the Sea A R IV germany70s22
Release Music Orchestra Morgen Gabe Life germany70s17
Reloj, El Haciendo blues y jazz El Reloj argentina2
Reloj, El Tema triste El Reloj (Second) argentina6
Reportaz tytanik Reportaz hungary4
Return to Forever Medieval Overture Romantic Warrior fave1
Rhesus O Cigue Rhesus O france6
Ribeiro, Catherine & Alpes Jusou'a Ce Que la Force de T'Aimer me Manque Paix france5
Ricordi D'Infanzia Io Uomo Io Uomo italy7
Rios, Miguel Una Casa En La Guerra La Huerta Atomica spain4
Rossa, La Wooden Monologue A Fury of Glass france11
Rovescio della Medaglia, Il (RDM) Absent for this consumed world; Ora non ricordo piu'; Il suono del silenzio Contaminazione italy3
Rufus Zuphall Schnupfer Phallobst germany70s4
Ruja Oled Sa Jarv Need ei vaata tagasi... 2000_9
Runaway Totem Andros Medomai Andromeda 1999_8
Runaway Totem O:.T:. Trimegisto italy15
Rusticelli, Paolo - Carlo Bordini Nativita Opera Prima italy5
SBB Nowy Horizont Nowy Horizont hungary2
Sadler, Neil Jazz Bastards Theory of Forms 1999_2
Saecula Saeculorum Acqua Vitae Saecula Saeculorum brazil6
Sagmeister Trio Februar Sagmeister Trio germany70s32
Sagrado Coracao Da Terra Sagrado Sagrado Coracao Da Terra brazil2
Sahara Sunrise (excerpt) Sunrise germany70s14
Sahara The Source Part I & Part II For All the Clowns germany70s19
Saino Atlantide Saino france10
Saint Just Saint Just Saint Just italy18
Sakuraba, Motoi Strive Against the Dark Bulzome Rising Force of Light
Samkha Yoke Samkha 2000_11
Samla Mammas Manna Forsta Ikarien Kaka 1999_4
Samla Mammas Manna Way Down a Rabbit Hole Klossa knapitatet sweden2
Sangiuliano Time Control Take Off italy10
Satin Whale Lost Mankind Lost Mankind germany70s19
Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling Tao Symphonic Pictures germany70s23
Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling Wizzard Sunburst germany70s28
Schickert, Gunter Puls (excerpt) Uberfallig germany70s35
Schickert, Gunther Wald (excerpt) Samtvogel germany70s21
Schultz, Ernst Der Traumtanzer Paranoia Picknick germany70s5
Schulze, Klaus Floating (excerpt) Moondawn germany70s30
Schulze, Klaus Satz Gewitter Irrlicht germany70s16
Science Group Open or Closed? A Mere Coincidence 1999_1
Scofield, John You Bet Grace Under Pressure usa90s3
Scorpions I'm Goin' Mad Lonesome Crow germany70s11
Scythe Run Divorced Land allthingsprog1
Secos & Molhados Primavera Nos Dentes Secos & Molhados brazil6
Semiramis La bottega del rigattire Dedicatto a Frazz italy1
Semiramis Uno zoo di vetro Dedicatto a Frazz italy19
Sensations's Fix Fragments of Light Fragments of Light italy9
Sensitiva Immagine Storia di... E Tutto Comincio Cosi... italy7
Seru Giran Eiti-Leda Seru Giran argentina4
Seven Percent Solution Carousel Gabriel's Waltz 1999_2
Sfinx Calatorul prin nori (The Traveller Through Clouds) Zalmoxe greece2
Sheller, William Hare Krishna Lux Aeterna france6
Shingetsu Oni Shingetsu japan1
Shrieve, Michael Jig Saw Fascination usa90s2
Shub Niggurath Yog sothoth Les Morts Vont Vite france9
Shylock Ile de Fievre Ile de Fievre france3
Shylock Le Quatrime Gialorgues france9
Simon Says Under the Seal Ceinwen sweden4
Singularity Ebb and Flow Color of Space 1999_6
Sinkadus Positivhalaren Cirkus sweden5
Sinkadus Valkyria Cirkus 2000_7
Sithonia La danza del gatto sul tetto Spettacolo Annullato italy13
Sixty-Nine Crayfish Circle of the Crayfish germany70s13
Sloche Il Faut Sauver Barbara Stadacone canada1
Small Faces Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Ogden's Nut Gone Flake england60s2
Smith, Lonnie Liston Expansions Expansions progressive_r_b3
Smokin' Granny Crankcase Sirius Matter 2000_7
Social Tension Macbethia - Overture Macbethia japan2
Socrates Mountains Phos greece1
Soft Machine Pataphysical...A Concise...Hibou...Hullo Der Volume Two england60s5
Soft Machine Why are We Sleeping ? The Soft Machine england60s1
Solaris Book of Prophecies - part 3 Nostradamus - Book of Prophecies hungary4
Solaris Eden 1990 hungary3
Solaris The Duel Nostradamus - Book of Prophecies 1999_2
Solaris The Martian Chronicles II - III The Martian Chronicles hungary2
Som Imaginario Armina (Wagner Tiso) Matanca do Porco brazil3
Som Nosso de Cada Dia Massavilha Snegs brazil1
Somnambulist Pinocchio Somnambulist usa90s5
Sorrenti, Alan Aria Aria italy12
Sotos L'Espoir du Clan Des Huitres (excerpt) Sotos 1999_11
Sotos Tango Sotos france13
Sound Diaphonus Trails of Narcotic Vapour in Translucent Caverns of Fitful Slumber Drunk on Confusion 2000_10
Space Circus Heavy Duty Space Dragon Fantastic Arrival japan1
Spastic Ink The Mad Data Race Ink Complete usa90s2
Speakers, The Oda a La Gente Mediocre En el Maravilloso Mundo de Ingeson argentina4
Species Being Orgone Therapy - Track 1 Orgone Therapy mclatchey1
Spheroe Pu Ping Song Spheroe france4
Spiral Architect Cloud Constructor A Sceptic's Universe mclatchey1
Spirit So Little Time to Fly Clear fave1
Spirosfera Babele Umanamnesi italy15
Spock's Beard Gibberish Day for Night 1999_5
Spooky Tooth Waitin' for the Wind Spooky Two england60s7
St. Tropez Bollito misto Icarus italy10
Standarte In My Time Of Dying Standarte italy17
Steely Dan Your Gold Teeth II Katy Lied fave3
Steensland, Simon Psychlone Led Circus 2000_4
Step Ahead Eyes Step Ahead france8
Stern-Combo Meissen Eine Nacht auf dem Kahlen Berge Stern-Combo Meissen germany70s26
Stern-Combo Meissen Weisses Gold excerpt Weisses Gold germany70s30
Stewart, Al Life and Life Only Love Chronicles england60s5
Storm at Sunrise Moonrock Garden of Forgotten Ideals 2000_9
Stormy Six Roma Al Volo italy18
Strawbs Tell Me What You See in Me Strawbs england60s7
Streetwalkers Hole in Your Pocket Red Card fave2
Strombli Bez nazvu Strombli hungary4
Strunz and Farah El Jaguar Americas usa90s3
Subject Esq. Alone Subject Esq. germany70s8
Sui Generis Las Increibles Aventuras del Senor Tijeras Confesiones de Invierno argentina2
Sui Generis Tribulaciones, lamentos y ocaso de un tonto rey imaginario, o no Confesiones de Invierno argentina6
Super Freego Rock II (pour une poignee de frites) Pourquoi es-tu si Mechant? france6
Svanfridur Finido What's Hidden There? norway1
SyNtHuSeR part five Eleven One 1999_13
Syndone Bambole Inca italy15
Tabula Rasa Vuorellaistuja Tabula Rasa finland3
Tako Dolina Leptira (Valley of Butterflies) U Vreci Za Spavanje greece2
Tako Sinteza Tako greece3
Tale Cue Craven Smiles Voices Beyond My Curtain italy13
Tanger Mas Alla de la Noche Tanger 2000_6
Tangerine Dream Ashes to Ashes Electronic Meditation germany70s3
Tangerine Dream Atem (excerpt) Atem germany70s31
Tangerine Dream Fly and Collision of Coma Sola (excerpt) Alpha Centauri germany70s7
Tangerine Dream Force Majeure (excerpt) Force Majeure germany70s33
Tangerine Dream Movements of a Visionary Phaedra germany70s18
Tantra Misterios e Maravilhas Misterios e Maravilhas spain4
Tasavallan Presidenti Dance Lambertland finland2
Tea & Symphony Terror In My Soul An asylum for the musically insane england60s6
Teknicolor Lullaby & Legend LNA's Dream 2000_1
Tellah Magma Continente Perdido brazil4
Tempano Las Olas (Virginia Woolf) Ayabal-Yemal argentina7
Tempano Lugar de casas nuevas Childhood's End 1999_10
Templo del Dinero Jamon del Diablo El Templo del Dinero 1999_13
Temptations Message from a Black Man Puzzle People progressive_r_b1
Tempus Fugit Prologue Tales from a Forgotten World brazil6
Tempus Fugit The Sight Dawn After the Storm 2000_3
Ten Jinn As On A Darkling Plain: vii) The Legacy of Magnus As On A Darkling Plain progday2
Ten Jinn Ritual Fire Wildman progday4
Terco, O Ponto Final Criaturas da Noite brazil2
Terpandre Le Temps Terpandre france10
Teru's Symphonia Wish The Gate 1999_8
Tetragon Nature Nature germany70s5
The Nite-Liters Serenade for a Jive Turkey A-nal-y-sis progressive_r_b2
Theta Tasgare no Nakade Seeds of the Dream 2000_10
Thieves' Kitchen Time Head 1999_11
Think Variety Variety germany70s16
Thinking Plague Dead Silence In Extremis progday3
Thinking Plague Lycanthrope In This Life progday2
Thinking Plague This Weird Wind In Extremis progday1
Third Ear Band Stone Circle Alchemy england60s5
Thirsty Moon I See You You'll Never Come Back germany70s27
Thirsty Moon Love Me Thirsty Moon germany70s35
Thursaflokkurinn Bunaoarbalkur Thursaflokkurinn a Hijomleikum norway2
Tibet Eagles Tibet germany70s34
Tiemko Episode Ocean france9
Tiemko Le Retour du Hero Parade france11
Tipographica Japanese room (We have no ZEN) God Says I Can't Dance japan6
Tomita Arabesque No. 1 Snowflakes are Dancing japan5
Tomorrow's Gift Der Geier fliegt vorbei Goodbye Future germany70s14
Tomorrow's Gift Riddle in a Swamp Tomorrow's Gift germany70s12
Torn, David Particle Bugs @ Purulia Station What Means Solid, Traveller? usa90s5
Tortilla Flat Tortilla Flat Fur ein 3 4 Stundchen
Tower of Power Back on the Streets Again East Bay Grease progressive_r_b2
Townscream Nagyvarosi ikonok I Nagyvárosi Ikonok hungary1
Traffic Dear Mr. Fantasy Mr. Fantasy england60s1
Traffic Medicated Goo Traffic england60s6
Traffic Sound Tibet's Suzettes Traffic Sound (tibet's Suzettes) brazil1
Trembling Strain Hymns Tower japan10
Trepte, Uli United Dish Guru Guru + Uli Trepte - Live & Unreleased germany70s17
Trettioariga Kriget Kaledoniska Orogenesen Trettioariga Kriget sweden2
Trettioåriga Kriget Mitt mirakel (My miracle) Krigssång (War Song) sweden1
Triade Caro Fratello 1998: La Storia di Sabazio italy11
Triana Se de un Lugar 5 Aniversario spain3
Triana Sr. Troncoso Hijos del agobio spain4
Tribal Tech - Scott Henderson & Gary Willis Jalapeno Thick 1999_6
Tribe of Cro And the Ants Marched (on) Hydroculture progday4
Tribe of Cro Where Science and Magic Meet (& 2 veg) Hydroculture progday1
Trilogy Venice Here It Is germany70s35
Trip, The Atlantide Atlantide italy9
Trip, The Formula Nova Time of Change italy18
Tritonus Lady Turk Tritonus germany70s21
Tritonus The Day Works Between the Universes germany70s25
Triumvirat E Minor 5\9 Minor\5 Mediterranean Tales germany70s9
Triumvirat Illusions-Dimplicity-Last Dance Illusions on a Double Dimple germany70s22
Triumvirat Old Loves Die Hard Old Loves Die Hard germany70s31
Triumvirat The Earthquake 62 a.d. Pompeii germany70s27
Triumvirat The School of Instant Pain Spartacus germany70s25
Trono Dei Ricordi, Il A memorable fancy Il Trono Dei Ricordi italy15
Tryo Grieta Patrimonio 1999_7
Trúbrot Lives Overture & Circulation Lifun norway1
Tulli Lum Souv Tulli Lum 2000_4
Twenty Sixty Six and Then Butterking Reflections! germany70s4
Twin Age Famous Last Words Lialim High sweden6
Underground Railroad, The The Doorman Through and Through 1999_10
Univers Zero Civic Circus The Hard Quest 1999_2
Univers Zero La Corne du Bois des Pendus Ceux du Dehors halloween1
Universal Totem Orchestra Saturno (excerpt) Rituale Alieno 2000_7
Uzva Tammela in January - part II Tammikuinen Tammela 2000_6
Vai, Steve The Attitude Song Flex-able fave3
Valinor's Tree Memories Kingdom of Sadness allthingsprog1
Van Der Graaf Generator Octopus The Aerosol Grey Machine england60s2
Vangelis He-O Earth greece1
Vangelis Stuffed Aubergine The Dragon greece3
Vangelis The Dragon The Dragon greece3
Verdaguer Charara Humahuaca brazil5
Verdeaux, Cyrille & Pascal Menetrey Amazone Cora Zone Ethnicolors clearlight1
Verdeaux, Cyrille - Clearlight Orage O Espoir Visions france3
Verdeaux, Cyrille Energy Messenger of the Son clearlight1
Vermillion Sands Coral D ~ The Cloud Sculptors Water Blue japan5
Versailles Le tresor de Valliesres Le tresor de Valliesres france9
Vertu The Call Vertu 1999_4
Vesania Freiraticos Vesania brazil5
Vienna Overture Overture japan9
Violeta de Outono Declfnio de Maio Violeta de Outono brazil2
Virus Burning Candle Revelation germany70s1
Visitors Visitors Visitors france1
Vita Nova Vita Nova Inventions Vita Nova germany70s12
Vitale, Lito Pueblos y Caminos Sobre Micolos Creencias y Supersticiones argentina4
Volapuk Machine A Coudre Slang! france12
Volapuk Nusrat Polyglot 2000_4
Volapuk bacH iS bacK Pukapok 1999_13
Volare Memoirs of a Misshapen Man Memoirs usa90s4
Volo, Il Canto di Lavoro Essere O Non Essere italy9
Vortex God is Good for You, John Les Cycles de Thanatos france8
Wakhevitch, Igor Materia Prima Docteur Faust france7
Wakhevitch, Igor Mineral - Vegetal - Animal Logos halloween1
Wallenstein Lunetic Blitzkrieg germany70s3
Wallenstein Song of Wire Cosmic Century germany70s15
Walpurgis Queen of Saba Queen of Saba germany70s9
Wapassou Ludwig Ludwig france8
War H2 Overture Deliver the Word progressive_r_b3
War War Drums War progressive_r_b1
Watanabe, Kazumi Concrete Cow The Spice of Life Too japan9
Watanabe, Kazumi Melancho Spice of Life japan4
Weber, Eberhard The Colours of Chloe The Colours of Chloe germany70s17
Weidorje Elohims voyage Weidorje france2
White Willow Snowfall Ignis fatuus norway2
White Willow The Crucible Sacrament 2000_8
White, Geno Army of the Gone Standing in Stereo usa90s3
Whoopgnash Moderately Priced Whoopgnash 2000_4
Wigwam Losing Hold Fairyport finland1
Wigwam Proletarian & Planetist Being finland3
Wishbone Ash The Pilgrim Pilgrimage fave2
Wonder, Stevie Contusion Songs in the Key of Life progressive_r_b2
XII Alfonso Message 95 Odyssees 2000_10
Xaal Byblos On the Way france12
Xang The Prediction Destiny of a Dream 1999_9
Xhol Caravan All Green Electrip germany70s7
Yardbirds Shapes of Things (Beckology) england60s1
Yatha Sidhra A Meditation Mass - Part 1 (excerpt) A Meditation Mass germany70s24
Yes Beyond and Before Yes england60s1
Yeti Two Fingers Things to Come 2000_7
Zamla Mammaz Manna Ventilation Calculation FamilyCracks sweden4
Zao Ronach Z=7L france5
Zappa, Frank Filthy Habits Sleep Dirt fave1
Ze Morglbl Trio!! Ben...Voila! Bienvenue a Morglbl Land 2000_2
Zingale Stampede Peace greece1