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Brazil - volume 6

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# Artist Song (click to play) Album Year CD label
1 Acidente Part One Gloomland 1994 Stolen Records
Mostly instrumental progressive. It is decent but not very exciting IMO. It is somewhat in the neo-prog direction. The drumming (drum machine) is particularly un-interesting. Their CD's are all apparently very limited in numbers.
2 Saecula Saeculorum Acqua Vitae Saecula Saeculorum 1976 Sonhos and Sons
This song is here courtesy of Último de Miranda. This is the first recorded album of Marcus Viana, violinist of Sagrado. Sounds real good to me. Since I have not heard the complete album, I will quote the New Sonic Architecture catalog :
Saecula Saeculorum (1976/Sonhos and Sons) SS deal in lush, rippling symphonic rock similar to that of the Argentinian bands Mia and Alas, which means their music is of good caliber. Brandishing both violin and piano as premier instruments, the band keep things upbeat and on the energetic side, refusing to brood, yet eager to thrill through the power of their majestic compositions. Violinist Marcus Viana, in a role pre-dating his involvement in Sagrado, proves to be highly versatile here, yet prefers a tense, acrobatic attack not dissimilar to that seen on any given High Tide record. The vocals are sweetly angelic, or at least of an ethereal nature, and 100% male, which is always a nice, unlikely combination to come across. The tightly constructed compositions, of which there are five, move fluidly through varying degrees of rest and activity, swelling orchestral-like in climaxes rich with drum fills, cymbal crashes and the band lifting their music into crescendos of sky-blue texture. Jose Adisio's guitar fills are blissfully restrained, opting in at the most opportune moments to effectively release or balance tensions within the compositions. In all an excellent offering. -GW $19
3 Secos & Molhados Primavera Nos Dentes Secos & Molhados 197? LP only?
This song is here courtesy of Último de Miranda. This band released 2 albums of folk/progressive in the 1970's. Features nice female vocals. I could not find much other information about the band. It reminds me a little of Sui Generis from Argentina.
4 Tempus Fugit Prologue Tales from a Forgotten World 1997 PC
This song clip is courtesy of Michel Vale Ferreira. This is an album that is touted by a lot of people, but, which I still have not heard. Here is comments from the Laser's Edge catalog :
Tales from a Forgotten World ($15) Stunning debut from this new Brazilian symphonic band. To my ears this is the best Brazilian band around. I hear strong similarities to Il Trono Dei Ricordi. Like ITDR Tempus Fugit adds just the right amount of bombast to their sound without overdoing it. This just screams out EPIC! Lush, thick keyboards create walls of sound for acoustic guitar but also alternate dizzying leads with the electric guitar. Vocals are in English but it is the long instrumental passages that really standout. Great dynamics due to the excellent production. One of the strongest parts of this conceptual work are the melodies. There is a cohesive flow to the album - it sounds like a unified work. If this is only their first album I can't wait to hear their second! One of the best releases of 1997.
Official Website
5 Cartoon Tempo ?unreleased? 1999? ?
This song clip is courtesy of Michel Vale Ferreira, and comments by his friend Mohallem:
Cartoon is originaly from Ouro Branco, a little city near Belo Horizonte. The first formation of the band was: Vlad (bass), Lawrence (guitar) and Legnar (drums). Soon, Cadu (vocals) got in the band (note: he was 11 years old!). They weren't rich, and needed too keep borrowing amplifiers, for example. They used to play only brazilian pop-rock bands material that didn't have any keyboards, because they didn't have any keyboard player. By then, the band was called K2. Soon, they began playing some U2 and even Duran Duran without keyboards!

They were playing at parties and in cities around and found out The Beatles. So, Legnar and Lawrence quit the band and were replaced by Paulinho and Odylon. The band changed the name to Kartoon, and start playing more and more Beatles, Led Zeppelin and U2.

Now, it was time to play Pink Floyd, Who, Rolling Stones and everybody from Woodstock. They needed more space, and went to Belo Horizonte. Odylon couldn't go, so Vlad got the guitar and an old chap of Paulinho, the left-handed João Bosco picked up the bass.

It was 1990, and Kartoon keep on rehearsing at Belo Horizonte. A year later, they changed the name again, to Cartoon. They tried to put on song everything they saw on cartoons on TV.

1993: the band dissolved. Cadú was gigging whit his other band (Easy Rider) and Vlad was studying classical guitar on the Belo Horizonte university.

In 1995 and 1996 Cadú and Vlad got sick, by a serious disease: progressive rock. Several viruses got them, like Genesis, ELP and Yes. They also got some musicals like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, without mentioning classical music. Even far from each other, they were making some shows from 2 to 2 months in little cities near Belo Horizonte, together with Lawrence (from the beggining...) and new drummer Bidu (Vlad's brother). By them, they were called Rainbow Pie. Cartoon was ready to return. Lawrence left, again, and a new guitarist entered, Baiano. They needed a keyboard player now, and found one. Bochecha, influenced by Mutantes, came in. Baiano left soon. They changed everything and the formation now is:
Vlad - guitars, acoustic guitar, bass and voice
Cadú - bass, acoustic guitar, harmonica, esraj, sitar and voice.
Bochecha - keyboards, castanhola and voice.
Bidu - Drums, percussion and voice.

They recently released their first album, called Martelo (can be found on They are great live, playing perfect versions of The Musical Box, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bolero (Ravel), and many others. And they changed their names!!!!! Cadú now is Khadhu, Bochecha is Boxexa and Bidú is Bhydhu. Official web-site:

6 Tulio Mourao O Coracao Disparado ? 199? ?
This song is here courtesy of Último de Miranda. This song is just a little acoustic guitar ditty that worked out well to complete the length of the show :-) The other songs that I have heard are more of a contemporary jazz style, not unlike Spyro Gyra or the Rippingtons.
7 Index Quaterna Requiem Index 1999 Zona Franca (?)
This is a new band led by Jones Junior who was the guitar player for Quaterna Requiem on their Velha Gravura album. The music has a 70's symphonic sound, especially in the keyboards which bear some resemblance to Rick Wakeman on Journey To the Center of The Earth. Thanks to Último de Miranda for the song and comments.

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